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5 products

    5 products
    TAIKYU Amber Pitcher - 1200ml
    TAIKYU Pearl Pitcher - 1200ml
    Sold Out
    TAIKYU Glass Carafe with Stainless Steel Silicone Flip-top Lid - 1000ml
    TAIKYU Gold Handle Diamond Jug - 1500ml
    TSUCHI Water Jug - 1800ml

     Whether you're pouring water, milk, tea, juice, coffee, these uniquely-shaped glasses will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. With beautiful colours like amber, pearl, and diamond you can find a jug or pitcher that complements your style.

    Whether your style is modern, vintage, or somewhere in between, these jugs and pitchers will be a perfect complement to any dishware. From tea to sangria, from soup to iced coffee. You can't go wrong with our variety of glass that offers modern and vintage looks with a touch of gold.

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