7 products

    7 products
    Henso - 6 inch Threaded Bowl with Handles
    Henso - Spoon (Small)
    Henso - 8.8 inch Round Plate with Handles
    Henso - 9 inch Serving Plate With Handles
    Henso - 7.2 inch Round Plate with Handles
    Henso - 9 inch Round Plate With Handles
    Henso - 200ml Cup

    Our Henso collection is made to amaze and create a chic and elegant dining experience - Each dinnerware piece features 2 hemp rope handles, 1 on each side of the dinnerware.

    Inspired by a blend of traditional and modern dinnerware, the light brown rope adds a whole new element to your dining table while keeping a simple neutral colour to keep your food as the main attraction!

    With the hemp rope handles, you can carry hot food without needing any gloves - The hemp rope prevents heat from traveling up to your hands and you can serve anything safely and easily!

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