Cana Nori

6 products

    6 products
    Cana Nori - 5.3 inch Rice Bowl
    Cana Nori - 8.2 inch Dinner Plate
    Cana Nori - 160ml Tea Cup
    Cana Nori - 200ml Tea Cup
    Cana Nori - 600ml Teapot
    Sold Out
    Cana Nori - 1000ml Teapot

    Enjoy a soothing dining experience daily and break away from the bustling stressful city life with our Cana Nori collection that features dinnerware in a calming dark green colour!

    This collection may look solid green from afar when in fact it consists of various tones and shades of green that make it look textured despite it being smooth, similar to how seaweed looks, hence its name!

    It is finished with a lighter shade of green that makes the pattern stand out while still blending with the tone of the nori green colour, creating a marvelous modest yet elaborate design!

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