Tsuya Grey

7 products

    7 products
    Tsuya Grey - 2.8 inch Saucer
    Tsuya Grey - 4 inch Round Saucer
    Tsuya Grey - 4.8 inch Rice Bowl
    Tsuya Grey - 8.2 inch Big Serving Bowl
    Tsuya Grey - 8.2 inch Rice Plate
    Tsuya Grey - 9.2 inch Dinner Plate
    Tsuya Grey - 350ml Mug
    lean yet artistic and sophisticated is the main theme of our Tsuya collection!

    A third of the cup at the bottom of each dinnerware remains unglazed, creating a straight precise, and defined separation of the glazed layer which gives it a deluxe look!

    Instead of the traditional flat plats and round bowls that curve upwards, our Tsuya collection dinnerware features a distinctively elegant and smart look where each plate has a short straight rim with some height to prevent any sauce from spilling over. The bowls are designed relatively similar to the plates but with a taller rim to put rice, soup, and other side dishes!

    With all their dinnerware sharing a similar structure, the Tsuya dinnerware collection gives a uniform look when placed together on your dining table, and creates a modern, minimalistic clean dining experience!
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