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ORNATE Rattan Tray

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    Table Matters - ORNATE Starburst Round Trinket Plate (Small)
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    Table Matters - ORNATE Starburst Round Coaster
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    With vibrant colours and a serene design, our Rattan Serving Tray, made from mother of pearl, reflects any light that is shone upon it and glimmers which draw attention to it and the items or food that are placed on it!

    Greet your guests with a warm welcome and bring a natural, calming peaceful vibe to your home!

    With simple geometrical diamond, semi-circle, and teardrop shapes, it creates a mesmerizing double flower - a flower in a flower! The design features a red flower in the middle, surrounded by a circle of sem-circles and finally enclosed by repeating patterns of blue diamonds formed in the shape of a larger flower.

    The flower design stands out on a white shell background and the light brown from the rattan ledge compliments the darker colours, giving the tray a more light-hearted feeling. Any drinkware or dinnerware placed on this rattan serving tray is sure to look stunning!

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