Morning Mint

6 products

    6 products
    Morning Mint - 4.5 inch Rice Bowl
    Morning Mint - 7 inch Soup Bowl
    Morning Mint - 7 inch Dessert Plate
    Morning Mint - 8 inch Serving Plate
    Morning Mint - Spoon (Small)
    Morning Mint - 200ml Cup
    Our Morning Mint collection resembles the ever captivating gems of morning, morning dew - peaceful, free-spirited, rejuvenating, and magical.

    The greenish-blue colour is reminiscent of the cool breeze in the morning, giving off a relaxing chilling feeling as you breathe in and take in the scenery, just like mint!

    The combination of pale green and blue symbolizes the harmony between the misty sea and flourishing forests, creating a gentle and breath-taking versatile teal colour for your dining table.

    Elevate your daily meals to a refreshing, elegant, and classy one!
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