French Fae

3 products

    3 products
    French Fae - 1100ml Teapot
    French Fae - 230ml Tea Cup and Saucer
    French Fae - 8 inch Serving Plate
    French Fae An eye for antique and an appreciation for details. The French Fae is an enchanting collection that is a chemistry of both. French Fae is a collection that seems like it belongs in the musuem. Grace your fingers over the intricate and fine patterns that run endless across its surface. Whether to be flaunt as a decoration in your homes or be used to upscale your dining experience, this Collection is a must-have. Such as its timeless design, French Fae introduces you to a pool endless possibilities. Tap into your creative element and create something magnificant to be plated. Fill your table with a fancy new dinnerware for a whimsical touch to the mundane.
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