Cana Vanilla

6 products

    6 products
    Cana Vanilla - 5.3 inch Rice Bowl
    Cana Vanilla - 8.2 inch Dinner Plate
    Cana Vanilla - 160ml Tea Cup
    Cana Vanilla - 200ml Tea Cup
    Cana Vanilla - 600ml Teapot
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    Cana Vanilla - 1000ml Teapot
    Be ready for every dining theme and occasion with our Cana Vanilla collection!

    With its simple yet elegant vanilla-like design consisting of off-white colours with a touch of a yellow tint, it achieves a modern, minimalistic and peaceful dining experience - perfect for enjoying your meals daily!

    Looking to switch up the aesthetics for guests? The Cana Vanilla is also splattered with various tiny dots of brown to resemble vanilla pods and its seed, giving it a floral and luxurious feel to it as well!

    Inspired by Korean and Japanese-infused pottery design, it brings to your home a uniquely harmonious blend of 2 cultures, and enjoy a unique homely dining experience!

    The smooth texture and non-glazed layer create a clean look that makes the food look even more delectable, enticing all your guests to dig in immediately!
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