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10 products

    10 products
    Tove Olive - Square Saucer
    Tove Olive - 4.5 inch Rice Bowl
    Tove Olive - 6 inch Ramen Bowl
    Tove Olive - 7 inch Soup Bowl
    Tove Olive - 10 inch Dinner Plate
    Tove Olive - 8 inch Coupe Plate
    Tove Olive - 12 inch Oval Shaped Plate
    Tove Olive - 350ml Mug
    Tove Olive - Spoon (Small)
    Tove Olive - Utensil Holder
    Bring your home back to its roots with our Tove collection that is inspired by the lines of nature.

    The collection is encompassed by symmetrically indented lines that create a unique texture and pattern, capturing the essence of nature when you walk into a forest such as the towering trees and veins or textures of the leaves. The neutral colours of the collection and modest design set a serene atmosphere for you, your loved ones, and your guests to relax while they dine to refresh themselves or to de-stress after work.

    Even without flora and fauna elements, you can still add a touch of nature to your home and enjoy an invigorating dining experience!
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