Table Matters - ORNATE Bluecrown Round Coaster

Table Matters - ORNATE Bluecrown Round Coaster

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Material: Shell, Shell, Fiberboard Base
Product Dimension: (10L x 10W  x 0.5H)cm

Revolutionise Your Dining with the ORNATE Bluecrown Round Coaster by Table Matters

Elevate your dining elegance with the meticulously crafted ORNATE Bluecrown Round Coaster by Table Matters. These radiant coasters, measuring a delicate 10cm in length and width, infuse sophistication into any setting with their slim 0.5cm profile. Adorned with the luxurious touch of genuine Mother of Pearl, each piece becomes a canvas of shimmering beauty that enchantingly captures and reflects light, spreading an irresistibly mesmerising aura across your dining ambience. But their enchantment is not just in their striking appearance; equipped with a thoughtful cork backing, they stand as guardians of your cherished surfaces, ensuring they remain impeccably preserved and free from scratches.

Experience the harmonious marriage of unrivalled craftsmanship and captivating aesthetics, exclusively curated for the discerning Singapore connoisseur. Elevate every dining moment into an exquisite experience with the timeless elegance of the ORNATE Bluecrown Round Coaster.

Unveiling the Essence of Elegance: Experience the Extraordinary with Table Matters

Discover a realm where functional brilliance meets captivating beauty with our ORNATE Bluecrown Round Coasters. Each meticulously crafted coaster is a testament to extraordinary elegance, adding a touch of opulent charm to your dining setting. The exquisite Mother of Pearl design unfolds a story of luxury, turning each meal into a splendid occasion. Not just a feast for the eyes, these coasters are armed with practical cork backing, gracefully protecting your surfaces and ensuring each beverage sits securely.

They are coasters and ambience creators, capturing and reflecting light to birth a bewitching dining aura. With Table Matters, you seamlessly embrace a dining experience where each moment is drenched in magnificence and unparalleled sophistication. Our coasters are the keys to unlocking an extraordinary dining experience for those in Singapore who seek to transcend the ordinary.

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