Bundle Deal For 2 - Floral Blue 18PCS Dining Set

$99.00 $132.50
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Bundle includes:

  • 2x Floral Blue - 4.5 inch Rice Bowl
  • 2x Floral Blue - 6 inch Soup Bowl
  • 1x Floral Blue - 8 inch Big Serving Bowl
  • 2x Floral Blue - 6 inch Dessert Plate
  • 2x Floral Blue - 8 inch Coupe Plate
  • 2x Floral Blue - 10.5 inch Dinner Plate
  • 2x Floral Blue - 8 inch Rectangular Ripple Plate
  • 2x Floral Blue - Lotus Leaf Saucer
  • 2x Floral Blue - Spoon (Small)
  • 1x Floral Blue - Spoon (Big)

Product Dimension:
4.5 inch Rice Bowl: (11.6L x 11.6W x 5.8H)cm

6 inch Soup Bowl: (15.8L x 15.8W x 7.8H)cm
8 inch Big Serving Bowl: (21L x 21W x 10.3H)cm
6 inch Dessert Plate: (16L x 16W x 2H)cm
8 inch Coupe Plate: (20.5L x 20.5W x 4H)cm
10.5 inch Dinner Plate: (25L x 25W x 3H)cm
8 inch Rectangular Ripple Plate: (19.5L x 11.5W x 2H)cm
Lotus Leaf Saucer: (10.4L x 10.4W x 3.3H)cm
Spoon (Small): (14.3L x 4.5W x 3H)cm
Spoon (Big): (23L x 6.5W x 4.5H)cm

Aesthetically valuable tableware with a classy touch to your dining!

Any porcelain collection is not complete without designs inspired by the beauty of flowers. These lovely, delicate pieces from the Floral Blue collection feature a classic impression of carnation-inspired flowers with delicate leaves on stems that curve and run throughout the surface—establish a ravishing floral theme on your table by highlighting the beauty of nature. The design is in an all-blue color, evoking the feeling of luxury.

These tableware pieces are made of premium quality porcelain and glazing that boasts durability and longevity. To accentuate the flowers, the pieces are rimmed with a darker shade of blue. The design is painted on a pristine white surface and has a rich texture and color. Add this Floral Blue earthen to your ceramic collection!

Table Matters uses finely sourced materials that are strictly tested for toughness, durability, and integrity.

We are SGS certified:
• Lead and Cadmium Free
• Microwave Safe
• Oven Safe
• Dishwasher Safe