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15 products

    15 products
    TSUCHI Drinking Glass - 259ml
    TSUCHI Drinking Glass - 334ml
    TSUCHI Drinking Glass - 335ml
    TSUCHI Water Jug - 1800ml
    TSUCHI Sake Glass Set
    TSUCHI Blue Wine Glass - 350ml
    TSUCHI Pink Wine Glass - 350ml
    TSUCHI Blue Champagne Glass - 200ml
    TSUCHI Pink Champagne Glass - 200ml
    TSUCHI Grey 5.1 inch Salad Bowl
    TSUCHI Grey 6.5 inch Salad Bowl
    Sold Out
    TSUCHI Grey 7.8 inch Salad Bowl
    Tsuchi 5 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set (Silver)
    Tsuchi 5 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set (Gold)
    [11.11 Markdown Madness] TSUCHI Sake Glass Set
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    Raise your game by adding Tsuchi tableware to your kitchenware. The finish of this tableware collection is artisanal. The irregular finishing provides an easy grip giving the collection a distinctive texture. The items are tough and durable designed to last for a long period.

    Are you thinking of adding art and natural feeling to your dining table collection? Look no further, class up your dining table by buying Tsuchi tableware online. The hand-hammered finish on this collection is unique and eye-catching. Use Tsuchi Tableware and our Rattan Seagrass Placemats to have an artistic table setting that reflects nature. The items are dishwasher safe but it’s highly recommended to wash them by hand. Table Matters present this awesome kitchenware. Don’t hesitate, to buy Tsuchi tableware online now.

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