Royal Garden

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    4 products
    Royal Garden - 8 inch Soup Plate
    Royal Garden - 8 inch Rice Plate
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    Royal Garden - 10.5 inch Dinner Plate
    Royal Garden - Tea Cup and Saucer
    Renew your dining experience into a grandiose one with our Royal Garden collection - The embodiment of poise, serene, and august.

    It features majestic peacocks resting on flourishing floras made with diverse techniques that give life and depth to your dining experience while bringing a resplendent aura to your home! The peacock and flora are made with defined and gentle strokes, detailed and simple elements, and various shades, tones, and hues of royal blue. Peacocks symbolize self-confidence, beauty, and sophistication, and at times are even believed to be an omen of protection!

    Make even the simplest of food look the highest of class - Bring the royal ambiance to your home with our Royal Garden collection and experience the luxury of dining to its fullest every day!
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