Rattan Trinket Tray

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    4 products
    Round Rattan Trinket Tray (Small)
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    Round Rattan Trinket Tray (Large)
    Oval Rattan Trinket Tray (Small)
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    Oval Rattan Trinket Tray (Large)

    Set a rustic vibe in your home with our Rattan Trinket Tray that is entirely made of rattan, and its natural varying shades and hues of brown replicate the elements in nature, adding a touch of it to your home!

    Instead of storing it away when not in use, the Rattan Basket Tray can also be used as a fruits basket and you can organize your fruits - display your fresh, plump, and delicious fruits anywhere!

    Rattan is an eco-friendly material as it can be harvested within 2 years, making it a highly-sustainable material that not only creates beautiful products but is also good for the environment!

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