Frost Garden

4 products

    4 products
    Frost Garden - 8 inch Soup Plate
    Frost Garden - 8 inch Rice Plate
    Frost Garden - 10.5 inch Dinner Plate
    Frost Garden - Tea Cup and Saucer
    Take a step into a magical winter wonderland with our Frost Garden collection that is embedded with magnificent and lovely midnight blue coloured flowers!

    This collection has more than just winter and magical vibes - it features unique flora designs with defined contour lines highlighting every element including the flowers, leaves, lines, and dots. The huge gorgeous flower, the cluster of flowers and leaves in the center are enclosed in a circular frame with even more fan and leave-like designs. The finishing touch of the thin blue rim completes the design, ensuring that all the flowers are kept together as a group.

    The midnight blue colour replicates the shadows of the flowers covered with snow and the long peaceful and calming nights spent connecting with ourselves and our loved ones.

    Make every meal an extraordinary one with our Frost Garden collection!
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