Amber Garden

4 products

    4 products
    Amber Garden - 8 inch Soup Plate
    Amber Garden - 8 inch Rice Plate
    Amber Garden - 10.5 inch Dinner Plate
    Amber Garden - Tea Cup and Saucer
    Fill your dining room with the warm and cozy feeling of autumn with our Amber Garden collection!

    Bring back the nostalgic feeling of the reddish-brown leaves drifting in the wind as you walked down a sea of amber leaves, filling your dining table with renewed optimism and tender warmth as you, your loved ones, and your guests dine together!

    With orange gradient leaves, this collection is filled with tiger, apricot, fire, spice, ginger, tangerine, and amber orange, blending together and creating a harmonious burst of colours. The thin branches and splatters of circles are reminiscent of water droplets gently falling on the leaves, staining autumn with a breath-taking fall oak colour.

    Enjoy autumn every day and set ablaze your love and passion for food!
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