6 products

    6 products
    Alabaster - 225ml Mug
    Alabaster - 4 inch Round Saucer
    Alabaster - 8.5 inch Coupe Plate
    Alabaster - 12.5 inch Oval Shaped Plate
    Alabaster - 10.5 inch Dinner Plate
    Alabaster - 8.5 inch Rice Plate

    Accept both modernity and tradition into your homes with our Alabaster Collection!

    Inspired by traditional tableware, the collection has a classy cream finish with an iconic sage rim symbolizing wisdom and clarity. Set this piece on the table to reminisce the good old days where fresh and delicious food were made with love by your grandparents. With a bubbly base paired with petal-like edges, the collection is unlike anything you have seen before. It captures the essence of of timelessness. Introducing a homely and new feeling for you and your family when you dine.

    Traditional and Unconventional, the Alabaster Collection is a meaningful addition to your home that both the young and old will appreciate.

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