Table Matters All New Drinkware Collection

Table Matters All New Drinkware Collection

Following the successful launch of our Tokkuri Sake Sets, we have launched more drinkware collections. With a new minimalist design, you can now enjoy your favourite beverages in style.

The new Table Matters Drinkware collection features the following:

1) Glass Carafe

Carafe. Sounds like a fancy word, right? It is actually a fancy word and it is the perfect addition to your place setting! A carafe is an elegant vessel that can accompany any table setting, no matter the occasion. Due to its versatility, the carafe can be a part of formal services or it can be used casually, for parties and get-togethers.

Get the TAIKYU Glass Carafe with Stainless Steel Silicone Flip-top Lid - 1000ml to serve your wine elegantly for $39.50. 

2) Water Jugs

We all know that presentation is a key part of the beverage experience. That's why we offer elegant glass jugs for sale, so you can enjoy your drinks the way they're supposed to be enjoyed: with class.

Get the TAIKYU Gold Handle Diamond Jug - 1500ml to serve your beverages for $28.00. 

3) Pitchers

A glass pitcher is not only a versatile tableware item to have in your home, but it's also a great way to spruce up your kitchen and turn it into a delightful space where you can serve yourself, entertain, or both!

Get the TAIKYU Pearl Pitcher - 1200ml to serve your beverages for $28.00. 

4) Mugs

This mug has a rounded handle that looks great and works perfectly for all hands. It's also dishwasher-safe.

Get the Enamel Blue - Mug (Large) for $8.50.

5) Cereal Mugs

The perfect gift for the breakfast enthusiast, or those that love their cereals, the cereal mug is a beautifully hand-painted ceramic mug. When you wake up and you're ready to start your day just choose your favourite cereal mug and pour yourself a delightful mug of cereals.

Get the Holiday Berry - Hand Painted 550ml Cereal Cup for $18.00.

6) Coffee Glasses

There are few things better than a delicious cup of coffee. That gentle aroma as you bring your coffee cup or glass to your face.

A double wall Coffee Glass can help make your coffee taste better.

Get the TAIKYU Double Wall Coffee Glass - 350ml for $12.50.

7) Whiskey Glasses

The whiskey glass or better known as the rock glass, for the whiskey on the rocks (Whiskey with ice). 

A timeless glass, and a must have for any whisky fan open to the entire spectrum of the spirit’s enjoyment.

Get the TAIKYU Textured Whisky Glass - 250ml for $12.50.

8) Beer Glasses

The Beer Glass which is shaped as a Goblet is perfect for your pilsners and lagers. It perfect head and body distribution allows the perfect pouring of the pilsners and lagers. 

Get the TAIKYU Blue Luster Beer Glass - 530ml for $9.50.

9) Champagne Glasses

The glass has a tall slender shape which keeps the bubbles alive for longer, enhancing your experience of the champagne or sparkling wine.

Get the TSUCHI Blue Champagne Glass - 200ml for $15.00.

10) Wine Glasses

Whether you're presenting a new bottle of wine to your family and friends, or you've just strolled home from your local wine merchant with a stash of that red and need somewhere to put it, our range of wine glasses has you covered.

Get the TSUCHI Blue Wine Glass - 350ml for $15.00.

11) All new Sake Sets

Enjoy your sake with our TSUCHI Glass Sake Set which includes the bottle warmer, Sake Bottle and Sake Cups.

Get the TSUCHI Glass Sake Set at $39.90.

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To view the collection, visit the Drinkware collection here.

Brien Chua