How to Set a Table: 4 Stunning Table Settings for Any Occasion or Dinner

Hosting your family and friends at home? But don't know how to set a table for them? Here’s a guide 4 different simple table settings at home that will impress all. A successful dinner party hinges on four things : great food, great company, great tableware and properly set table. Do you also know that our tableware is SGS certified? Our tableware are lead and cadmium free. Can be used in oven and microwave for extra convenience.

1. The Nordic Charm – Blue Illusion Collection

How to Set a Table at Home

Having an oriental dinner party? You can set a nice table for the dinner party with our Blue Illusion Collection.

2. The Cool Vintage – Enamel Blue Collection

How to Set a Table for Dinner


Having a semi formal dinner setting, it’s time to set up the table setting a notch. Impress your guest with a tablescape that shows that you have put in thought and care for them. 

3. The playful theme – Forestella Collection

How to Set a Table for Any Occasion


Having an informal dinner with a playful theme? Check out the table setting with the Forestella Collection. 

4. The Japanese Theme – Starry Blue Collection

How to Set a Table for Any Lunch


Another option for an oriental dinner setting. Check out the table setting with the Starry Blue Collection. 


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