5 Different Soup Bowl Types

Unlike what a lot of people may think (or know), there are many different types of soup bowls other than the generic and traditional one…you know, the one that automatically comes to mind when we think of the words ‘Soup bowl’. (Kind of something like this:)

The various kinds of soup bowls are good for different kinds of soup. For example, some are good for thin and runny chowder like meat and vegetable soups. Others can be good for thicker stuff like French onion.

You get the idea.

So, before you go ahead and buy some soup bowls for stocking up your kitchen cabinets, take a look at this brief guide we’ve come up with on the various soup bowl types and their uses.

So, before you go ahead and buy soup bowls for stocking up your kitchen cabinets, take a look at this brief guide we’ve come up with on the various soup bowl types and their uses.

Let’s jump right in.

5 Different Types of Soup Bowls and Their Usage

1.  Lug Soup Bowls

Lug soup bowls are also known as onion soup bowls…which helps us understand the primary purpose for which they are used.

These bowls usually come with two small handles on the sides and have an average depth of two and a half inches. They are oven-safe and are made to withstand high temperatures. (Check if your tableware is Microwave, Oven, and Dishwasher Safe or not)

As their colloquial name indicates, lug bowls are mainly used for giving individual servings of French onion soup.

Should You Buy These?

If you are a fan of French onion soup (or any other thick, brothy type), you should definitely consider getting some lug bowls. They are made to last and are easy to carry around thanks to the side handles.

2.  Soup Plates

Moving on with our list of soup bowl types, we have soup plates.

Soup plates are, as they would say in Paris, for the bourgeois. In other words, they are made for formal and fancy use.

Soup Plates

But that does not mean you can’t put them on your nice and cozy kitchen island. The main feature of soup dishes is that they come with a prominent rim, and have a very shallow bottom.

The rim at the side can be used for putting crackers, buns, and rolls (or whatever you want to eat with your soup). Soup dishes are good for all types of soups; be it the thin and flowy kind or the thick stuff like French onion.

However, you should keep in mind that they are not great if you’re looking to sip and drink your soup. For this purpose, you can either use a coupe soup bowl or a soup mug.

Should You Buy These?

As we said, soup dishes are usually for formal use…which means that they can have, in most cases, a heavy price tag. You should buy them if you can easily afford them. Other than the price, there is pretty much nothing else that you should be wary about.

3.  Coupe Soup Bowls

Unlike the soup bowl types that we have discussed up till now, coupe soup bowls don’t exactly have a specific type of shape that they can be identified with.

The ones that have a large diameter are usually shallow like soup plates. On the other hand, the ones that have a small diameter are deep like lug soup bowls.

However, the one thing that is common in all types of coupe soup bowls is that they don’t have rims or handles. They’re just plain bowls.

Coupe soup bowls with large diameters and shallow bottoms are good for more or less the same use as soup plates. However, since they don’t have a rim, you can place stuff like crackers on some serving plates instead.

Coupe Soup Bowls

On the other hand, coupe soup bowls with small diameters and deep shapes are good for the same purpose as lug soup bowls i.e., for serving thick and brothy soups to be eaten with spoons.

Should You Buy These?

Coupe soup bowls can be great for normal home use. If you are looking to buy something not as fancy as soup dishes nor as thick and hardy as lug soup bowls, coupe bowls can be a great choice to go for.

4.  Covered Soup Bowls

Sometimes, the time from pouring the soup into the bowls and then bringing them over to eat can be a bit long.

And it is definitely not going to be nice to sit down and gulp down stone-cold soup.

Covered soup bowls are a great way to keep your soup nice and hot. As the name indicates, covered soup bowls come with lids/covers that save the contents from rapidly falling to room temperature.

Should You Buy These?

If you frequently have to wait for long periods of time after getting your soup ready and before eating it, you should definitely buy some covered soup bowls. Soups are best when they are hot.

5.  Soup Mugs

And last but not least, we have soup mugs.

These are pretty much what they sound like: mugs for directly sipping hot soup without using spoons or anything.

Soup mugs are good for thin soups like vegetable and meat soup. You can use them to directly drink your soup just as you would drink some tea or coffee.

Should You Buy These?

It's nice to have a couple of these in your kitchen, although they are not that much used at dinner and lunchtimes. These mugs are great for when you want to sit out on the porch on a rainy day and sip some hot soup while ruminating on poetic reflections.


Now that you have read this post, you will have an easier time buying soup bowls the next time you want to go tableware shopping.

The different types of soup bowls mentioned in this post are all good for different purposes and situations. For people who can afford it, getting separate sets of the different bowl types can be a good idea. That way, the right type of bowls can be used according to the situation at hand.