Cherries Can Be Good for You

Can you say no to cherries? This sweet, round, fruity goodness is a delight during the summer season, mainly since juicy cherries help hydrate you. That’s not only the good thing about the fruit. According to research, this summertime favorite has a lot of health benefits that will give you more reason to enjoy cherry or two.

Cherries are found to have therapeutic benefits against diabetes and heart disease, two of the most rampant and deadly health conditions in the world.

A study conducted by proponents from the Michigan State University revealed that 20 cherries is equivalent to 25 mg of anthocyanins, a chemical that reduces inflammation by stopping the enzyme that hastens the process of inflammation on tissues. Cherries can protect arteries from being damaged and causing heart disease.

Furthermore, anthocyanins are also found to lower animals’ blood glucose levels, which leads experts to believe that cherries can effectively reduce blood sugar levels in humans, too.

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