Tokkuri Inseki - Sake Cup

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Dimension:(5L x 5W  x 4.5H)cm


Experience the best of Japan in your home with our Tokkuri Inseki collection that features a slim neck with a round body.

Serve any type of Sake, hot or cold in this art of earthenwares in Japanese tradition by pouring the sake into the Tokkuri Inseki Bottle, filling the sake cups, and serving it to your guests - show your appreciation and reverence each time the cup is finished!

The design features a dark blue spot that is blurred around the rim passing through branches. Witnessing a meteor is such a rare sight that it is often considered a miracle to be able to even catch a glimpse of it. As you drink a cup of sake, it will remind you to grab hold of opportunities that are ahead of you, for it may come only once in a lifetim