Serve your mooncakes in style this Mid Autumn Festival 🌜

Mooncake season is upon us now and in Singapore, we take our mooncake very seriously. We are always on the look out for the most decadent mooncakes and with the vast variety of flavours and trends, we need to serve them up in style at home or in our office dinner party. 

Serving Mooncake

The mid autumn festival falls on the 21st of September this year and you have time to purchase and get your serving trays for your lovely mooncakes in time for the celebration with your loved ones on this coming Tuesday.
Here are some Editor’s Picks for you to serve your mooncakes in style.
1. Shinrin Dessert tray
- Featuring the warm, earthy and minimalistic element from natural wood. This is perfect for your Lotus Paste mooncake with double egg yolk. 
Available in 2 sizes (Small and Large), they are perfect for sole or sharing portions.
Shinrin Dessert Tray - Small (Walnut)
Shinrin Dessert Tray - Small (Zelkova)
Shinrin Dessert Tray - Large (Walnut)
Shinrin Dessert Tray - Large (Zelkova)
2. Woode Serving Board
Whether its modern or rustic home setting, the natural beauty of the woodgrain will blend perfectly in your home this Mid-Autumn. Perfect for your snowskin mooncakes. 
WOODE - Walnut Serving Board (Large)
WOODE - Walnut Serving Board (Long)
WOODE - Walnut Serving Board With Handle (Large)
3. Round Rattan Serving Trays
With a touch of texture, the rattan tray is practical yet stylish. Perfect for serving mooncake and a single cuppa of tea this Mid-Autumn.
8.5 inch Round Rattan Serving Tray
9.5 inch Round Rattan Serving Tray
10.5 inch Round Rattan Serving Tray
All the serving trays are suitable for usage for other things as well. So you can utilise for serving other items such as fruits and cakes after the mid autumn festival.
Be sure to order today. 

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