New Arrivals - The Wood & Marble Cheeseboards 🧀

We are proud to introduce our new arrivals - the exquisite cheeseboards, serving boards or dessert boards that are made of wood and marble. Uniquely crafted to make your cheese look and taste better.

Introducing our latest collection - The SCANDI Collection

Scandi Collection

The cheese platter is an easy and delicious appetizer perfect for any party or get togethers with your family and friends. 

Did you know that there is a step by step way to make a cheese platter? Let us share some tips on how to make the perfect, beautiful cheese platter. 

Step 1 : Start with the big items such as your cheese and bowls. 

Step 2 : Add the meat, bread and crackers

Step 3 : Fill in the other spaces with fruits and nuts

Step 4 : Add some olives and fill up the small bowls (if any)

Our Scandi Cheese Board collection comes in different shapes and sizes for your convenience and party size.

SCANDI - Marble Wood Cheese Board with Leather Strap

Marble Wood Cheese Board

SCANDI - White Stone Wood Square Cheese Board

White Stone Wood Square Cheese Board

SCANDI - White Marble Wood Rectangular Cheese Board

White Marble Wood Rectangular Cheese Board

Get the Scandi Collection this weekend and enjoy a 15% off no minimum purchase, use the code "SHOPNEW".


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